• Linlo


    I spent a night in Linlo at the fire pit in Skadaholmen. Linlo is located near Kirkkonummi and has 4 fireplaces. Linlo is an island connected to the mainland by a small bridge. There is a path that connects all the fireplaces. As for the wildlife, I also saw 4 swans swimming in the sea. […]

  • Iso-Valkee


    This weekend I went to a small lake called Iso-Valkee where I spent a night in a Laavu. Temperatures around zero degrees and it also snowed a little before I lay down in my sleeping bag. The Laavu was in excellent condition and there was plenty of firewood, a bin and toilets. There is also […]

  • Wangspitze


    Today I hiked up to the Wangspitze in Vorarlberg/Austria – a peak at an altitude of 1872m. For the entire ascent, you have to reckon with about 1000 metres of altitude. The best way to reach the Wangspitze is from Buchboden in the small Walsertal valley. We parked our car there and walked the 2 […]

  • The Southernmost Point of Finland

    The Southernmost Point of Finland

    There are basically two southernmost points in Finland – one on the mainland and the other one in the Finnish Archipelago in the Baltic Sea. The southernmost point of Finland is in Utö. You can get to Utö with a free 5 hours ferry ride from Pärnäs. You can read more about my Utö trip […]

  • Utö


    Utö has been on my list of places to visit in Finland for a long time. The island is located in the Finnish Archipelago National Park. It is the southernmost island of Finland and has a lighthouse built in 1814. On June 17, 2022, I left Pärnäs with a friend on the MS Baldur ferry […]

  • Lake of Constance

    Lake of Constance

    The Lake of Constance is located between Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and with a bicycle I have visited once all three countries within one day. Besides cycling, there are also possibilities to go hiking or skiing in the Alps or to enjoy the great view from the Württembergischen Allgäu towards the German, Austrian, Swiss and […]

  • Parainen


    Parainen is located in the Archipelago Sea. A friend of mine is living in Parainen and occassionally I am visiting him. There are occasional good opportunities for wildlife viewing at dusk.

  • Utsjoki


    Utsjoki is the most northern town in Finland. Here you can find two rivers – the Teno and the Utsjoki river. You can also cross the Finnish – Norwegian border on the Sami bridge over the Teno river. The bridge is 316 meters long.

  • Sipoo


    Sipoonkorpi National Park Sipoonkorpi National Park is the closest National Park to Helsinki, beside Nuuksio National Park. I have visited Högberget where you can have a view to the South and also a table and benches. I also visited Kuusijärvi where it is possible to swim or hike around the lake. Then I also visited […]

  • Hämeenlinna


    Hämeenlinna is known for its 13th-century castle and for the view from the Aulanko Tower which opened in 1907 and is only a 10-minute drive from the castle. I usually come to Hämeenlinna in autumn to take pictures of the landscape that can be seen from the Aulanko tower.

  • Vihti


    Pääkslahti – Rysätarha The Rysätarha Laavu is located on the Pääkslahti Nature Trail. It is about 1 km to hike from the parking spot to the Rysätarha laavu. The fireplace was serviced with firewood. Ruuhilampi Ruuhilampi is a lake near Vihti – an hour’s drive from Helsinki. I parked my car at a natural roundabout […]

  • Vaasa


    I have lived in Vaasa for 2 years. The area around Vaasa is quite flat and there are a few places which are worth visiting.  Björköby Björköby is located 20 km north of Vaasa and was originally an island before it got connected with the longest bridge in Finland to the mainland. I went with […]

  • Tuusula


    Fjällbon Puisto Fjällbon Puisto has been created quite recently. It’s a nice place to visit with the family. There is a playground for kids, a fireplace just next to the lake, and a hut filled with firewood. There is also construction built into the lake from where you can easily get into the lake to […]

  • Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area

    Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area

    On July 24th at 8.50 am, it was time to get onboard the Finnair flight AY557, which departed from Helsinki for a 1 hours and 20 minutes flight north to Ivalo in Finnish Lapland. One week of hiking and packrafting in the Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area, together with Caj and Katja, was waiting for me, including […]

  • Helsinki


    Helsinki Airport A popular spot to observe landing and departing planes is Lemminkäisen kalliot – a rock just before the runway of Helsinki airport. Kaivopuisto One of the best routes to walk in Helsinki along the sea and to take pictures is on the Ehrenströmintie and the Kaivopuisto park. From here you can watch the […]

  • Askola


    Haukankallio The view is a bit comparable to the one in Kammiovuori but it is not that high and remote. However, if you live in the capital region and look for something special then I can definitely recommend it. You can park nearby the Valkjärvi lake and walk from there to Haukankallio. Be aware that […]

  • Espoo


    Hynkänlämpi I parked my car in the parking lot near the Sorlammen nature trail. Then, I walked about 1.5 km over the Nuuksion Ratsastuskeskus until I reached Hynkänlampi – a small lake with clear water and a well-tended fireplace. After setting up my tent, I prepared my early dinner and then took a short walk […]

  • Emäsalo


    Varlaxudden recreation area is located in Emäsalo – a 30-minute drive from Vantaa and a nice spot for camping. A friend of mine recommended this place to me, and after visiting, I would say that this is probably one of the most beautiful places I have visited in the Helsinki area. The fireplace is easily […]

  • Kytäjä-Usmi


    We started our tour from the parking lot next to Lake Kytäjärvi, crossed it over the dam, and followed the path past horse stables and farms. After a hike of 3 km, we reached our first camp Iso-Haiskari. For the night, we set up a teepee in which the three of us stayed while our […]

  • Kuusisto


    From Turku, I visited the bishop’s castle and the wooden church in Kuusisto by bike. The castle was built in the 14th century and once served as a fortress until it was demolished in 1528 by the Swedish King Gustav Vasa. In 1792 the church of Kuusisto was built there. Aside from the ruins, not […]

  • Kurjenrahka National Park

    Kurjenrahka National Park

    The Kurjenrahka National Park in Finland is about 30 km north of Turku – a paradise for mushroom lovers! I parked my car at Kurjenpesä, where I found an information board about the national park. The markings along the way in the Kurjenrahka National Park are also excellent. I was able to pick up a […]

  • Kirkkonummi


    Meiko Meiko Nature Preserve is located nearby Kirkkonummi and the best time to visit Meiko is during the week as the weekends can be quite crowded. You can either hike around the lake or just grill your sauges at one of the campfire sites. Firewood is also provided at the fire pits. Here I took […]

  • Kammiovuori


    Kammiovuroi is the second highest place in southern Finland located nearby Lake Päijänne with an altitude of 221 meters. It took me about 2.5 hours to drive by car from Järvenpää to Kammiovuori. There is also the Päijänne National Park nearby. It was only a short hike of approx. 2 km from the parking lot […]

  • Järvenpää


    Lemmenlaakso The Lemmenlaakson Nature Park is just a few minutes drive from Järvenpää. The highlights of the Lemmenlaakson Nature Park are the small river that flows through the park, some information points, a lavvu for making a fire and spending the night, and a Frisbee golf park. Lemmenlaakso park is easily accessible by car and […]

  • Inari


    Lake Inari Lake Inari is the third largest lake in Finland and the largest lake in Finnish Lapland. The lake has 3000 islands and the Sami people used one of the islands (Hautuumaasaari) as a cemetery island. I was camping one night at the lake and also one night on top of a hill which […]

  • Inkoo


    Kopparnäs – Störsvik Kopparnäs-Störsvik is on the border with Inkoo, and I spent one night there in one of the modern wilderness shelters. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great during my visit – it was cloudy, and there was fog too. Luckily the fireplace in Sandarbukten was very well done. There were two modern wilderness shelters, […]

  • Saimaa


    Huuhanranta We drove by car to Huuhanranta beach at the Lake Saimaa, where we stayed overnight and got surprised by the full blood moon in the evening. The water was pretty cold but very refreshing. The infrastructure on the beach was also excellent. There were toilets and a new barbecue hut as well as several […]

  • Turku


    Hirvensalo Hirvensalo is an island which is connected with a bridge to the mainland. I have lived on Hirvensalo for 4 years and there are quite nice spots to go paddline along the shore. Ruissalo Ruissalo is the recreational island of Turku, which I frequently visited during my 4 1/2 year stay. Ruissalo is a […]

  • Torronsuo National Park

    Torronsuo National Park

    Torronsuo National Park is somewhat different from the other national parks in southern Finland. First, it’s a bog – the largest raised bog in southern Finland. Second, it has wide-open spaces and a few trees, while the other national parks in Finland are forests. In ancient times, most of southern Finland looked like the area […]

  • Teijo National Park

    Teijo National Park

    I went hiking in the Teijo National Park a few times but also took part in the Finnish packrafting meeting in 2018, which took place over three days. The Teijo National Park is still a young national park and was founded in 2015. It counts around 79,000 visitors annually, covers ​​34 km2, and has 50 […]

  • Sundsvedja


    From Söderlångvik you can reach the Sundsvedjan laavu from where you can enjoy an open view towards Purunpää viken and beyond towards the Baltic Sea. The laavu is top notch and probably one of the best laavus with a great view in Southern Finland from my point of view.

  • Repovesi National Park

    Repovesi National Park

    The Repovesi National Park is southern Finland’s most popular hiking destination and can be reached within 2 hours by public transport from Helsinki. You can find my video which I recorded in Repovesi National Park on YouTube. The national park offers many lakes and hills. There are campsites and shelters, and it is close to […]

  • Raseborg


    Västerby Outdoor Recreation Area At the Västerby Outdoor Recreation Area, we parked our car at Västerby ulkoilualue parkki. Then, we went with our bicycles a few kilometers to the Långträsket lake, where we found a lavvu and a fireplace where we spent the night. The place was quiet and we did not hear any noise […]

  • Nurmijärvi


    Kuhakoski The Kuhakoski rapid is easily accessible and just a few meters away from the parking spot. Myllykoski I visited Mylllykoski twice – in winter and in April 2021, where I did a 3.5 km hike along the quite section of the river. The parking lot was easy to find, and the trail starts right […]

  • Liesjärvi National Park

    Liesjärvi National Park

    Liesjärvi National Park is about 1.5 hours by car from Helsinki and an alternative to Nuuksio National Park if you live in the Helsinki area. It’s also likely less crowded than Nuuksio National Park or Sippoonkorpi National Park. I parked my car in the Kopinlahti parking lot and took a short hike to Savilahti, where […]

  • Örö


    One of the most exciting places in southern Finland is probably the fortress island Örö, located in the outer archipelago. Örö has a military history that is still visible today, diverse nature, and sandy beaches. On Örö, you can hike, bird watching, geocaching, diving (with a special permit), fishing, cycling or kayaking. I also went […]

  • Sony a7 IV Photography Gear & Accessories

    Sony a7 IV Photography Gear & Accessories

    In this post I would like to give you more insights about my photography and video gear and accessories. Camera Sony a7 III / a7 IV Since 2018 I’ve been using the Sony a7 III, a full-frame camera that has 24MP. The dynamic range and autofocus are pretty good on the a7 III. It also […]

  • Sony a7 IV backup workflow

    Sony a7 IV backup workflow

    There is also the possibility to backup the files encrypted into the Cloud but I don’t use that option. You can find an overview of my camera gear here.

  • Pyhä


    Travelling to Pyhä I decided to take the train to Kemijärvi to have some vacation in Pyhä beginning of January and also to test my new Sony a7 IV camera. The train journey from Helsinki took about 13 hours. I had a sleeping cabin that was a bit narrow, but still quite comfortable. When I […]

  • Shrines and Temples of Japan

    Shrines and Temples of Japan

    When I was in Japan for two weeks, I also had the opportunity to visit some temples and Shinto shrines, namely the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and the Nikko Toshogu. There are around 100,000 Shinto shrines in Japan. Two weeks seems a bit short to visit them all. Naritasan Shinshoji Temple I decided to visit the […]

  • Northern Norway

    Northern Norway

    Alta Winter hiking A few years ago, on January 6th, my travel partner and I met in Alta in Northern Norway for a winter camping trip. However, we had no specific plan yet to go once we arrived in Alta until we met a friend of my colleague who is originally from the Netherlands and […]

  • Sarek National Park

    Sarek National Park

    In 2013 I went on a 6-day packrafting and hiking tour in Sarek with a colleague, and here are a few impressions from this trip. Due to environmental regulations it is not allowed to use boats such as packrafts anymore in Sarek National Park. We travelled from Vaasa on the Wasaline ferry to Umea and […]

  • Nightless Night Photography Workshop

    Nightless Night Photography Workshop

    In 2019 I participated in the Nightless Night Photography Workshop near Inari in Finnish Lapland. I won admission to this event at the Matka travel exhibition, where I visited the Inari-Saariselka booth. All I had to do was to submit a picture with a reindeer and me. The admission usually costs 185 EUR and includes […]

  • Kotka


    Ahvionkoski I visited Ahvionkoski and the Kymijoki river a couple of times. For example, the Finnish Packrafting Meetup has been organized there twice. We paddled from Kuovinkallio to Kultaankoski, stayed overnight in Moronvuori and ended our trip in Hirvivuolle. Valkmusa National Park Moronvuori is located in the Valkmusa National Park. I visited Moronvuori during the […]

  • Hemavan Tärnby

    Hemavan Tärnby

    Our packrafting adventure in the Hemavan Tärnby area started where the Kungsleden ends or begins. Over 8000 years old artefacts have been found in the Vindelfjällens Naturreservat and it is one of the largest protected areas in Europe. We planned five days, of which we hiked two days and paddled with our packrafts in the […]

  • Packrafting Meetups in Europe

    Packrafting Meetups in Europe

    In this blog post you can read a bit about the European, Nordic, Swedish, and Finnish Packrafting Meetups that I attended. European Packrafting Meetup On April 29th, 2019, it was time to fly to Slovenia for the annual European Packrafting Meetup and to visit a few other places in Slovenia such as Piran, Ljubljana, and […]

  • Brandnertal


    Lünersee The Lünersee is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes and is located near Brand at the end of the Brandnertal in Austria, which I visited again this summer for a hike. I had hiked here before, as I lived in Bludenz for 2 years while studying at the Bludenz tourism schools. During this […]

  • Turku Archipelago Trail

    Turku Archipelago Trail

    In 2016 I was cycling from Turku along the 250 km Turku Archipelago Trail. The whole trip took me 27 hours to complete, and I have spent 1 night in my tent near the ferry harbour leaving from Kustavi. My first stop was the church in Raisio. Then the trail continued over the Särkänsalmen bridge, […]

  • Kökar


    Kökar is a Swedish-speaking municipality with 244 inhabitants and is one of the islands (belongs to Finland) that lie between Finland and Sweden. You can reach the Åland Islands by ferry from Turku in 2.5 hours. The Åland Islands are part of the Finnish archipelago and are one of the most popular sailing areas in […]

  • E5


    On this trip, we were hiking around 160 km from Germany to Italy. However, the difficult part was not the distance but ascending and descending the mountain daily. The E5 starts officially from Konstanz in Germany and ends in Verona in Italy. However, most hikers start the tour from Oberstdorf, as this is the part where […]