Category: Austria

  • Wangspitze


    Today I hiked up to the Wangspitze in Vorarlberg/Austria – a peak at an altitude of 1872m. For the entire ascent, you have to reckon with about 1000 metres of altitude. The best way to reach the Wangspitze is from Buchboden in the small Walsertal valley. We parked our car there and walked the 2 […]

  • Brandnertal


    Lünersee The Lünersee is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes and is located near Brand at the end of the Brandnertal in Austria, which I visited again this summer for a hike. I had hiked here before, as I lived in Bludenz for 2 years while studying at the Bludenz tourism schools. During this […]

  • E5


    On this trip, we were hiking around 160 km from Germany to Italy. However, the difficult part was not the distance but ascending and descending the mountain daily. The E5 starts officially from Konstanz in Germany and ends in Verona in Italy. However, most hikers start the tour from Oberstdorf, as this is the part where […]