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  • Sarek National Park

    Sarek National Park

    In 2013 I went on a 6-day packrafting and hiking tour in Sarek with a colleague, and here are a few impressions from this trip. Due to environmental regulations it is not allowed to use boats such as packrafts anymore in Sarek National Park. We travelled from Vaasa on the Wasaline ferry to Umea and […]

  • Hemavan Tärnby

    Hemavan Tärnby

    Our packrafting adventure in the Hemavan Tärnby area started where the Kungsleden ends or begins. Over 8000 years old artefacts have been found in the Vindelfjällens Naturreservat and it is one of the largest protected areas in Europe. We planned five days, of which we hiked two days and paddled with our packrafts in the […]

  • Packrafting Meetups in Europe

    Packrafting Meetups in Europe

    In this blog post you can read a bit about the European, Nordic, Swedish, and Finnish Packrafting Meetups that I attended. European Packrafting Meetup On April 29th, 2019, it was time to fly to Slovenia for the annual European Packrafting Meetup and to visit a few other places in Slovenia such as Piran, Ljubljana, and […]