Kuningatar Vuosaari


Helsinki Airport

A popular spot to observe landing and departing planes is Lemminkäisen kalliot – a rock just before the runway of Helsinki airport.

Helsinki Airport
Helsinki Airport
Helsinki Airport


One of the best routes to walk in Helsinki along the sea and to take pictures is on the Ehrenströmintie and the Kaivopuisto park. From here you can watch the big ferries arriving and leaving the port of Helsinki.

View from Kaivopuisto – Helsinki

Korkeasaari Zoo

Korkeasaari Zoo is a great place to get wildlife pictures in a safe environment. Beside wildlife, there are also a fantastic spots to take pictures of the city such as the White Church, Icebreakers or Suomenlinna.

Olympic Tower

From the Olympic Tower in Helsinki there is a fantastic view over the city and the Baltic Sea. The Olympic Tower is open till 9pm and I will probably visit there again to get some pictures with the moon.


Uspenski Cathedral


Uunisaari consists of two islands which are connected by a pontoon bridge. Uunisaari is a popular picnic place.

Helsinki Uunisaari

Vantaankoski Bridge

If you are looking for a place to pack up or take a stroll in Helsinki, you should probably visit the Vantaankoski Bridge. This area was a bit industrial with a mill in the past.

Packrafting Vantaankoski


Vuosaari is part of the east end of Helsinki. I lived in Vuosaari for a couple of years, shortly after moving to Finland. The metro ride to the city centre takes around 20 minutes and offers some outdoor activities and photography options. I would recommend visiting these places at sunrise and sunset.

I especially like these places in Vuosaari for photography:

  • Uutela, a nature park in Vuosaari, where you can walk in the forest and also along the Baltic coast.
  • Kallahtiniemi is a bit similar to Uutela but goes further out into the sea.
  • Aurinkolahti beach has a beautiful view of the sea.
  • Vuosaarenhuippu is an old landfill that has been converted into a recreational area with a beautiful view of Vuosaari and central Helsinki in the distance.

From Uutela and Kallahtiniemi, hiking across the ice to the nearby islands in winter is possible. The banks are also easily accessible by car, as there is a parking lot nearby. However, if you plan to visit Vuosaarenhuippu, you will have to walk a little (about 30 minutes).