Windmill Vanhankylä Järvenpää



The Lemmenlaakson Nature Park is just a few minutes drive from Järvenpää.

The highlights of the Lemmenlaakson Nature Park are the small river that flows through the park, some information points, a lavvu for making a fire and spending the night, and a Frisbee golf park.

Lemmenlaakso park is easily accessible by car and there are no places that would be difficult to hike except some sections next to the river.

There is also a small hut near the fireplace that is regularly refilled with firewood.

Laavu in Lemmenlaakso


The bird tower is located close to the city center and just a short walk from the parking place where the trail to the bird tower starts.


Järvenpään Rantapuisto is located between Tuusulanjärvi and the city center. There is a playground for kids, a restaurant and a park with interesting trees.



Vanhankylänniemi is a popular spot in Järvenpää where you can find a Sauna, a wind mill, an old boat which has been used to paddle on Tuusulanjärvi and a Coffee place. There is also a cage with two chickens in it and a playground for kids and a park with a fireplace.