Savojärvi Kurjenrahka National Park

Kurjenrahka National Park

The Kurjenrahka National Park in Finland is about 30 km north of Turku – a paradise for mushroom lovers! I parked my car at Kurjenpesä, where I found an information board about the national park. The markings along the way in the Kurjenrahka National Park are also excellent.

I was able to pick up a free map at the Kurjenpesä visitor centre and then started my hike on the Savonjarven Kierros, which leads around Lake Savojärvi. On my way, I discovered the Kuhankuono landmark, an important landmark for 600 years.

My hike continues along moors and spruce trees, and at some point, I found a kind of monument – A. Jalosen Muistomerkki said on it. Then I reached Rantapiha, which is on the opposite side of Lake Savojärvi.

I hiked the nature trail (also called ‘luontopolku’ in Finnish) that goes through an ancient forest before continuing my hike on the shores of Lake Savojärvi along the Savonjarven Kierros.

Kurjenrahka National Park
Kurjenrahka National Park

On my second visit to Kurjenrahka National Park, I hiked to Läkijärvi, where I found a shelter to stay overnight. The path was also quite well marked.

The night was also something special, as I could see the northern lights for a short time and the Milky Way.

The next day I picked some cranberries after breakfast and hike the path along Lake Savojärvi again.

There were stones and reindeer lichens (Cladonia rangiferina) and blueberries everywhere, so I often stopped to collect them.

At some point, I arrived at the Kurjenpesä Nature Cabin, where I went down to the lake. The infrastructure to the lake was excellent and made the lake easily accessible, even with a stroller or as a senior citizen.

On my third visit to Kurjenrahka National Park in autumn, I explored the bird tower of Vajosuo and Takaniitunvuori west of Savojärvi.

I started the first part of my hike in Vajsuo and followed the red Kuhankuonon Retkelyreitistö band that I found along the way.

Again there were loads of mushrooms. The path was covered with leaves, and their colour was already turning black. When I reached the bird tower in Vajosuo, the wide-open space was perfect for bird watching.

After visiting the bird tower, I hiked back to the parking lot and drove to Pukkipalon, where I continued my hike. The area was covered in hills, which makes hiking a little more difficult. There were also small bridges that crossed my path. I followed the path until I reached Takaniitunvuori, a pretty nice place on a rock.

From here, I followed the path to Nuotiopaikka, where I rested on a fire pit for a while, before continuing my hike back to Pukkipalo, where I parked my car.

On the way back, I also crossed Huhtaniitunmäki, where I found a bench on a rock with a view of a beautiful landscape.