We started our tour from the parking lot next to Lake Kytäjärvi, crossed it over the dam, and followed the path past horse stables and farms. After a hike of 3 km, we reached our first camp Iso-Haiskari.


For the night, we set up a teepee in which the three of us stayed while our fourth paddle buddy stayed in a wilderness hut. The tipi also had a foldable wood-burning camping stove made entirely of titanium. However, the tipi cooled down almost immediately when the stove got cold.

The next morning we paddled around the lake at Iso-Haiskari. From Iso-Haiskari, we brought our boats to Kolmiperslammi. It was much easier for me to carry my 2.5 kg packraft while my colleague had to carry his 21 kg canoe through the forest.

When we arrived in Kolmiperslammi, I noticed that the water on my packraft turned to ice. At Kolmiperlammi, we had a beautiful sunrise, and then it slowly got warmer.

From Kolmiperslammi, we carried our boats not only on paths but also through bushes to Vähä-Haiskari. Then we paddled to Haiskarinpoika.

Arrived in Haiskarinpoika, we noticed the first thin layers of ice on the lake. But, of course, they weren’t an obstacle for our boat.

It was quite difficult to carry the canoe from Mäkiperänlampi to Kiiskilampi. So when we arrived in Kiiskilampi, we took a short break. At Kiiskilampi, I climbed a rock from which I had a nice view over the lake.

We paddled to the other side of the lake, where we found a nice campsite, where we prepared our lunch and took a group photo of ourselves.

Then we had to walk through thick bushes again until we finally arrived at Lake Suolijärvi, where I left the group and paddled 4 km down the lake on my own.

When I reached the dam at the end of Lake Suolijärvi, I packed my packraft and walked the remaining 3 km back to the car. The short hike was quite nice, as there was almost a full moon in the sky, and the landscape was also beautiful.

Lake Suolijärvi is a nice place for a hike. The area is not only flat, and the shelters are very well maintained.