Lake Constance

Lake of Constance

The Lake of Constance is located between Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and with a bicycle I have visited once all three countries within one day. Besides cycling, there are also possibilities to go hiking or skiing in the Alps or to enjoy the great view from the Württembergischen Allgäu towards the German, Austrian, Swiss and French Alps.

Bad Waldsee

In Bad Waldsee there is a hill called Grabener Höhe which offers a fantastic view towards the Alps.


In Birnau is a famous baroque church and there is a good spot to take a picture of the church and the vineyard from the Birnauer Oberhof.


Bodnegg in Germany offers a great view of the Austrian and Swiss Alps from the top of the hill where the church stands.


Lindau is an island which connects to the mainland with a bridge. Lindau was first mentioned in the 8th century and has a pretty old town. The lion sculpture and the lighthouse are landmarks in Lindau.


Meersburg is the oldest inhabited castle in Germany. The castle was built in 630 by the Merovingian king Dagobert I. Anette Droste von Hulshoff – a German poet – who lived here. There are also wine hills in Meersburg which are stretching down towards the Lake of Constance.

In Meersburg, I saw a Zeppelin cruising in the sky. Zeppelins were in the past and are nowadays built in Friedrichshafen – the city where the Zeppelin has been invented. With the ferry, you can also hop over to Konstanz and from there it’s just a short drive to the Swiss border.

Pfahlbau museum Unteruhldingen

The Pfahlbau museum in Unteruhldingen is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The original houses have been built around 4000 BC and 850 BC.

The museum consists of reconstructions of stilt houses from the Bronze and Stone age as well as a cinematic introduction which is available to every visitor participating in the guided tour (which is included in the ticket price).

The artefacts which are displayed in the museum, as well as the constructions, have been found all over the area. Water was considered as the best way to travel and to transport goods at the time when people still used to live in the “Pfahlbauten” as most of the area was covered by dense forest. The lake of Constance was considerably smaller during that time and temperatures were similar to the Mediterranean climate.

Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen
Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen


Ravensburg is also called the city of towers. Ravensburg is famous for its games and puzzles which are designed there. One of the most famous towers is the Mehlsack. The tower got its name from its shape.

Mehlsack Ravensburg
Mehlsack Ravensburg


The Affenberg in Salem is a quite popular attraction also for kids. Besides monkeys you can also find storks here.


In Überlingen I hiked up to the Haldenhof from where I had a great view towards the Alps and the Bodensee. There is also a Restaurant where I had lunch. I also stopped by at the Churfirsten which were quite impressive.