Fjällbon puisto Tuusula


Fjällbon Puisto

Fjällbon Puisto has been created quite recently. It’s a nice place to visit with the family. There is a playground for kids, a fireplace just next to the lake, and a hut filled with firewood. There is also construction built into the lake from where you can easily get into the lake to swim.

Fjällbon puisto
Fjällbon Puisto in Tuusula


This weekend I took my bike and rode 25 km around Lake Tuusula. The route is famous for its “Rantatie”, where many Finnish artists lived in the 19th century and influenced Finnish culture. You can visit the following places in Rantatie:

  • Lotta Museum is dedicated to Lotta Svart – a voluntary paramilitary organization for women founded in 1918.
  • Halosenniemi – art museum dedicated to Pekka Halonen (1865-1933) – a painter of Finnish landscapes and people. The large window of Pekka Halonen’s house is quite impressive.
  • Erkkola Museum – Erkkola was a poet and a leading cultural figure around 1900.
  • Tuusula Church from 1734
  • Tomb of Aleksis Kivi (1834-1872), who wrote the first important novel in Finnish – Seven Brothers
Lotta Museum Tuusula
Lotta Museum Tuusula


Rusutjärvi is a small like nearby Tuusula with a fireplace, beach volleyball field and swings for kids.


Sarvikallio is a popular recreational area in Tuusula and also called “Little Koli”. It is a short hike from the parking spot to the serviced fireplace and lookout point over Lake Tuusula. There is also another trails which you can hike back to the parking area.