Today I hiked up to the Wangspitze in Vorarlberg/Austria – a peak at an altitude of 1872m. For the entire ascent, you have to reckon with about 1000 metres of altitude.

The best way to reach the Wangspitze is from Buchboden in the small Walsertal valley. We parked our car there and walked the 2 km to the Alpengasthof Bad Rothenbrunnen where we had lunch.

From there we walked up to the Wangspitze in about 2 hours, where we found a summit cross and a bench. From here I was able to take good panoramic pictures.

The descent took another 2 hours. It was on the opposite side of the ridge and leads over the Rinderalpe which is at an altitude of 1240 metres. However, we liked the path on the ascent better.

The hike was not too strenuous. Only the descent was slightly slippery from time to time.